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We are here to make an impact on people's lives, by providing them flexible work and the opportunity to learn new things.

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Your life at Droggol

At Droggol we believe in working together and working hard. We are looking for dynamic and creative individuals who are willing to dedicate themselves to providing innovative ideas. By joining Droggol you have a chance to work with some of the most talented people in the Odoo industry.
Innovative Environment
Innovative Environment

At the heart of our company is a dedication to innovation. Our team is empowered to think creatively, explore new ideas, and contribute to groundbreaking projects.

Work/life balance
Work/life balance

Our flexible work arrangements and understanding management ensure that you can manage your professional responsibilities while also taking care of personal commitments.

Work/life balance
Fun and Activities

We believe in creating an environment where every one can thrive, learn, and build connections.There are plenty of opportunities to connect, unwind, and have fun together.

Work/life balance
Collaborative Culture

Teamwork is ingrained in our DNA. Whether it's working on challenging projects or team-building activities, our commitment to collaboration extends beyond workspace.

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